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The bicycle favorite offers bicycle rental in Silkeborg (Denmark’s Outdoor Capital). Here on this page you can read more about our bike rental, where we offer a lot of cool bikes – including both mountain bikes and city bikes. Bicycle rental is absolutely fantastic, as you do not have to think about transport when you are in Silkeborg. You get an iron horse with lots of speed that makes the city experience a lot more fun.

Our bicycle rental in Silkeborg offers a number of delicious bicycles. On this page you can see our selection and choose from one of your favorites. We give you the opportunity to rent everything from mountain bikes, city bikes and electric bikes. We have something for everyone and you can read our rental conditions at the bottom of the page. Our bike rental always has a bike helmet included in the price, no matter which rental you choose.

Below we give you an overview of the bikes we have for rent as well as the prices for bike rental. You can click on the sizes of the bike and book rentals from there. In addition, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email, where we will help you with the rental and any questions you may have.


Book bikes online, by phone or email.

Normal bikes

Price per. day
95,00 DKK

* Can be delivered/picked up for DKK 50 per. bicycle in Silkeborg.

Choose size:


Price per. day
250,00 DKK

* Up to 60 km. on a charge.
* Can be delivered/picked up for DKK 50 per. bicycle in Silkeborg.

Choose size:

Hard Tail

Price per. day
350,00 DKK

* Can be delivered/picked up for DKK 50 per. bicycle in Silkeborg.

Choose size:

Rent a bicycle suitcase

Are you going on a trip? Take good care of your bike

Protect your bike as best as possible on the journey. In addition to bicycle rental, we also offer rental of bicycle suitcases. With a bicycle suitcase, you secure your bicycle in the best possible way when it is to be transported around the world.

Price per. week
250.00 DKK

Bicycle rental at its best

The bikes we offer in our bike rental are of high quality and exceed all the expectations that most people have for a rented bike. It is not uncommon to meet people with bad experiences when it comes to rental bikes, and that makes our bike rental up with. Here you get a fantastic experience on two wheels, with a bike that has it all – and more. We take care of everything, so you just have to enjoy the trip.

Bicycle rental is absolutely perfect for you who are in Silkeborg for a shorter period, where your own bicycle can not be transported with. Silkeborg is a completely perfect cycling city – and by bike you as a guest can, quickly and easily, reach the sights that you want to experience. The rental of course consists of bicycles that are completely safe and in perfect condition.

Our bicycle rental can also be used in relation to the purchase of bicycles. If you are in the situation that you have considered buying one of our Cannondale mountain bikes, then the rental can be an ideal opportunity to test drive it. Give it gas and experience the bike before your purchase, which hopefully can make you more confident in your case.

As a tenant, the following rental conditions apply.


Bicycle and accessory rental is based on a daily basis. For long-term rentals, please contact the store by phone: +45 53748600
Before returning bicycles, you can rinse the bike with clean water if necessary. Here you can refer to Circle K (Frederiksberggade 30, 8600 silkeborg) only 200 m. From the shop.
Private individuals, users, companies, schools or other companies are financially liable for any damages. damage caused to all rented equipment and possibly loss of this until the end of the lease. DVS. Always check that your bike and equipment are in order when you receive it
Price list for common injuries:
Puncture: DKK 100.
Broken spokes: DKK 100.
Broken gear drop: DKK 250.
Jumped chain link: DKK 100.
Bent brake disc (per piece): DKK 200.
The lease ends when the rented equipment is personally handed over to the Bicycle Favorite.
Bicycle helmet is included in the price. It is not a legal requirement in Denmark, but we recommend that the bicycle helmet is used during ALL driving.
If you want the bikes shipped, you can use the bike carrier for the roof / trailer hitch or throw it in the back of the car if you have blankets or similar. to cover for scratches, etc. (remember that you are also responsible for the bike during transport).
The bicycles are handed over and handed in within the opening hours unless otherwise agreed.
Change At the end / end time, contact us as soon as possible by phone: +45 53748600.
For evt. damage to yourself or your belongings during the trip, no compensation is provided.
Rental of bicycles, as well as participation in courses and events is at your own risk.
Any damage to third party property is liable to the tenant with his own liability insurance.

A little about the bike and exemplary behavior on the bike


Treat the bike like it was your own! (we would also like to deliver good bikes to the next tenants and you another time).
Do not place the bike’s frame directly on metal, but on e.g. a tree or use the bike rack, if the bike is put down, it must be done with the chain side / gear shifts up.
The right hand is used for the rear brake and the rear gears.
The left hand is used for the front brake and the front gears.
Straight chain guide – provides the best gearing.
Always turn the pedals when changing gears.
Gear down when you see a climb so the gear fits the climb when you encounter it.
Always lock the bike if you leave it.
If there are defects on the bike, it will be reported upon delivery.
Help keep Denmark clean – take your waste home.
Drive on the right side (also in terrain).
Orient yourself backwards before overtaking other cyclists.
Drive on the inside of the bike path / path, so that there is room for others to overtake you, “if they can”.
Only drive on established roads / paths / singletracks. It is not allowed to make new paths.
Show your intentions: Reach out when you want to turn. Raise your hand when you want to stop.
If you meet others in the forest, slow down (max. 2 x their speed) and draw attention to yourself well in advance, if necessary. with a HELLO or use the bell.
When you pass walking, never run faster than twice their pace (their exercise
and experience in the forest is just as important as yours)

Where do I pick up the bike?

Rental bicycles can be picked up and delivered throughout the store’s opening hours.
(see opening hours)

Søndergade 36
8600 Silkeborg

Telefon: +45 53748600